Tec Diving

Tec diving is becoming more and more popular as more recreational divers are looking to expand their personal limits. This type of diving requires knowledge and solid training as you will be able to go to places you wouldn’t think possible.

Although divers have been engaging in what is now commonly referred to as technical diving for decades, the term has been credited to Michael Menduno, editor of the diving magazine aquaCorps Journal.

Technical diving (also referred to as tec diving or tech diving) is scuba diving that exceeds the agency-specified limits of recreational diving for non-professional purposes. This type of diving can very well expose you to hazards beyond those normally associated with diving, and to greater risk of serious injury. However risks are reduced by appropriate skills, knowledge and experience.

The opportunity to get indepth and specialized training is now available in Fujairah with Jeffrey Catanjal. Jeffrey is the Palms Dive Center’s PADI TecRec instructor that makes sure all his students are ready for a safe adventure into the deep. As an avid Tec Diver himself Jeffrey has made quite a name by re-locating the German submarine off the coast of Fujairah (click for full article here) and starting a group of Tec enthusiasts in the area.


WWII Uboat wreck

German submarine U-533 was a Type IXC/40 U-boat of Germany’s Kriegsmarine during World War II. The submarine was laid down on 17 February 1942 and was transferred to the 10th flotilla for front-line service on 1 May 1943.

On 5 July 1943 the U-boat sailed from Lorient, through the Atlantic, around the Cape of Good Hope, into the Indian Ocean, and up to the mouth of the Persian Gulf. She was sunk by depth charges dropped from a RAF British Bisley light bomber in the Gulf of Oman on 16 October.

Of the crew of 53, only one survived; Günther Schmidt. Schmidt and another officer succeeded in opening the hatch, even though the submarine had sunk to a depth of 60 metres (200 ft). Schmidt kept the unconscious officer afloat for an hour before he died. However Schmidt swam and stayed afloat without a life jacket for 28 hours until he was rescued near Khor Fakkan.

In 2009, divers found the wreck of U-533 at a depth of 112 metres 25 nautical miles off the coast of Fujairah. The U-boat slid nose-first into the sandy bottom, leaving her bow partially submerged and stern and propeller exposed.

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