Inchcape 1

Inchcape 1
Depth: 30m
Suitable for: advanced

Inchcape 1 was sunk in 2001 by the Inchcape shipping company. This vessel rests at 30m depth along the open coast line of Al-Aqah Fujairah and is approx. 20 minutes by boat from our dive center. The vessel is covered in an array of soft corals. It has 2 resident honeycomb moray eels living at the bow, and a large porcupine fish living in its cargo holds. Inchcape 1 hosts a home to various marine life such as schooling snappers, lion fish, butterfly fish, catfish and some times gets visited by the larger ocean fish such as tuna and cobia.

The surface or underwater current can vary from mild to very strong at this location and due to this nature it is advised to dive Inchape 1 when you have a few good dives under your belt.