Dive Sites

The East Coast of the United Arab Emirates hosts many dive sites that vary in depth and landscape. If you are a beginner, an advanced diver, an underwater photographer, there is something for everybody! When booking your dives with us, let us know what type of dives you enjoy and we’ll try and accommodate as best as we can.


Dibba Rock

Dibba Rock Depth: 4 – 15m Suitable for: beginner & advanced Located only three minutes away from our dive center, this is the most popular dive site on the UAE’s East Coast. Dibba Rock is the ideal location to see a wide variety of Arabian marine life. Triggerfish, clownfish, parrotfish, and angelfish are spotted on every dive. … Continue reading Dibba Rock

Artificial Reef

Artificial Reef depth: 11-14m suitable for: beginners & advanced The Artificial Reef at Dibba is a unique dive site and a sure favorite among our divers! The reef was constructed to bring back marine life diversity in the area, and it has definately accomplished its goal. There are several types of habitats including large tires, … Continue reading Artificial Reef

Inchcape 1

Inchcape 1 Depth: 30m Suitable for: advanced Inchcape 1 was sunk in 2001 by the Inchcape shipping company. This vessel rests at 30m depth along the open coast line of Al-Aqah Fujairah and is approx. 20 minutes by boat from our dive center. The vessel is covered in an array of soft corals. It has … Continue reading Inchcape 1

Cauliflower Garden

Cauliflower Garden Depth: 40m Suitable for: advanced, TEC The Cauliflower Garden of Dibba is a truly unique dive. Spread out over the empty seabed at a depth of 40m you will find giant cauliflower corals swaying with the flow. Closer inspection of these large soft corals will show smaller marine life as crabs and shrimp, … Continue reading Cauliflower Garden

Breakwater Reef

Breakwater Reef Depth: 2-4 Suitable for: Discover Scuba, Beginners, Night Diving Right in front of our dive center you will find the breakwater reef. Built to protect the shore from the incoming ocean waves it now is home to a large variety of marine life. Schools of tropical fish, such as sergeant majors, box fish, … Continue reading Breakwater Reef

Other East Coast Sites

Snoopy Island depth: 5 -7m suitable for: all levels Snoopy Island is situated just off the beach at an approx. 20 min. boat ride away from our dive center. The Island hosts a large variety of marine life and corals due to its shallow depth. An excellent place to have a long and relaxed dive … Continue reading Other East Coast Sites